Meet The Artist

Clay is so special to me. It is a personal journal and therapy inspired by childhood memories, social issues, mental health, and feminism with a mix of 90's design and everything in-between. I am the modern millennial who jumped ship to "follow her dreams" and I want this to reflect in my work. I believe we cherish an object more when it's made from the hand of one individual, seeing the marks of its creator, and supporting a small, one woman business. Clay has been around for centuries and will live on when we are far gone. In a fast-paced 21st century landscape, 'stopping to smell the flowers' is a notion that seems obsolete. My hope is that my ceramic pieces will allow you to slow down, self care, receive therapy, and enjoy the little moments while our world keeps spinning. Be gentle, love your ceramic piece and take care of yourself.  

XO Allie


Sugar Cream Clay is a collection of ceramic pieces made to sweeten up your home, created by artist Allie Case. Each piece is made from a ball of clay. It is hand-thrown, hand-glazed and stamped in St. Pete, Florida where it basks in the sun awaiting its forever home! Every piece reflects the hands of its creator with its small imperfections, making your piece truly one of a kind. Enjoy the smooth and sweet blend that is Sugar Cream Clay.