Care Taking, Policies and Shipping


Your ceramics piece is sensitive, just like its creator! It was made with care and attention to detail. It may contain slight imperfections making it more authentic and truly one of a kind. If you would like your item to last as long as you do (and longer), please avoid soaking, dishwashing and microwaving. Hand wash with a soft sponge and soap. 

If your item has a GOLD or an IRRIDECENT finish, it is NOT MICROWAVE SAFE. This will be noted in the item description 
Be gentle and take care


Your special piece will be wrapped tight in reused or recyclable material collected by me and shipped out within 3-4 days of purchase. When your item is shipped from my studio, you will receive a confirmation and tracking number sent to your email. Your ceramic piece is very fragile and we understand that things can happen in the traveling process. Please let me know within 3 DAYS of receiving your piece if it is cracked or broken. Send me an email with good quality pics of your piece so we can mourn together and come up with a solution that will make us feel better! I ask that after you receive your package, please recycle or reuse the shipping materials, as I did, so we can strive to eliminate waste in our world.
You can do it, I believe in you!


All sales are final. Your piece is made from a ball of clay, hand-thrown, fired, hand-painted, stamped, fired, then sometimes painted again and then fired again with a bazillion steps in between. As a small business (just me) working with clay: a time intensive and detailed process, I cannot take returns at this time. I am also a very sweet human that will listen to you and maybe work a deal out in the future! When you are happy, I am happy!
Just be nice.


Understand that variations in clay, shape, color, glaze drips, and marks are what I love about the quality of handmade ceramics. You can see where I painted lines, pushed in clay and formed your piece and that is so special to me. I do not look at them as imperfections but rather embrace them like we should embrace our own beautiful differences. Your piece is unique and so are you!
Be kind to your clay and be kind to yourself!